Can we book you for our events?

Yes. Winnie Mashaba can be booked for motivational talk, program managing, music festival, and other events. You can achieve this my sending us an email here

Where can I access or buy your music?

Winnie Mashaba's Music can be accessed via youtube channel, to view her music you may click here.

You can also listen and download her music here.

What is the turnaround period for your services to be delivered?

Our service delivery depend upon the demand and quantity of the service. It can take us a day, or it can take us a month. If you know you will be requiring our service anytime soon, it is advised that you place an order atleast a month earlier.

Do you often offer your services for free, say on charity projects?

Yes. But a comprehensive written proposal has to be sent to us, stating the nature of the project, this should be accompanied by your legal charity project documents. Upon havng reviewed, then shall we get back to you with the respond. You can send us an email here

Can I save the contents herein attached to the site?

Yes, only upon written notice of request. Should it be found that you use Winnie Mashaba's content to your own benefit, without our consent. You shall be confiscated for the infringements of the copyrights.

Still have a question? Call us now at +27 87 510 9466